Selected presentation by Irish artist Pauline O’Connell entitled The Ecology of Community at the OPEN FIELDS conference and exhibition in Riga, Latvia 29th September – 1st October 2016 aims to challenge artistic research that is located in the contested territory between academic knowledge production and independent creative practices.

Open Fields is the title of this year’s international conference and exhibition taking place in the framework of the annual RIXC Art Science festival in Riga, from September 29 until October 1, 2016, focusing on new aesthetics, contemporary conditions, digital practises and post-media situation. Since the first festival issue took place twenty years ago, the festival has grown and developed itself into the annual gathering for international scholars and artists, working at the intersection of arts, humanities and science. The Open Fields festival edition aims to present the most innovative approaches in artistic research, and to discuss the changing role of arts, its transformative potential, and relation to the sciences.